+ What kind of paint do you use?

We only use premium line products from local suppliers such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Glidden.

+ What if I found a color at a local Big Box store?

We prefer to work with products that we are familiar with, however we are open to using any product available. That said, if it's simply a matter of color, our suppliers can custom match virtually any color imaginable.

+ What do I need to do to prepare my home for painting?

Prepare the rooms to be painted as though you were going to paint them. Remove pictures from the wall and small items that could tip or fall easily. We can assist in moving large items from walls, however we do prefer this is done ahead of time. If you would like the pictures rehung upon completion, please leave the nails in the walls.

+ Do I have to patch my walls?

Usually not. Our bids will typically include any drywall repair or the prep-work needed to professionally complete your project.

+ Do I need to buy the paint?

Typically, no. Our bids will include the cost of the materials needed. The only time this might differ is if you have chosen to supply the paint.

+ Do I need to be home while you paint?

This is up to you. We are accustomed to working in homes that are both occupied and unoccupied. We realize that many people stay at home during the day and should that be you, we will do our best to contain our work to one room at a time. All of our painters are background checked and drug and alcohol free.

+ Will the paint smell harm my children?

While we do have "No V.O.C." (volatile organic compound) paint options available for you, if your family is sensitive to latex or other ingredients used in paint, we cannot guarantee the safety of these products. Only you and your family physician can determine if the presence of wet paint in your home poses a risk.


+ Do you use primer?

When necessary, yes. We will usually spot prime all the bare areas, however there are certain situations which will require a full prime coat. We will typically discuss what is needed on your home during our free estimate consultation.

+ What do I need to do to prepare my house?

Not much. We only ask that if possible, you would move any furniture or planters away from our working area. For more information, ask for a home preparation worksheet.

+ Do you offer pressure washing services?

Usually, no. Whole home pressure washing will need to be completed before I paint your home. I will be happy to provide a trusted referral. There are instances where it will be necessary for me to pressure wash an area before painting. If your project will require pressure washing before painting, this will be discussed at the time of your estimate.


+ Your estimate is higher than others I have received. Why?

Chances are they are cutting a corner. We have been finishing homes for many years and in that time we have never claimed to be the cheapest, however our work is among the best and our prices are fair.

+ How long will my paint job last?

Many things can impact how long a paint film will last. It has been our experience that a good quality paint job will last about 7 years, maybe a little more. In fact, this is also the opinion of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Products Laboratory. In their publication titled Finishes for Exterior Wood, they indicate a high quality 100% acrylic coating should last between 7 and 10 years.

+ What is the best product for my deck?

For horizontal areas (deck floors) we only suggest the use of penetrating, semi-transparent products. These will typically last about 2 years and are easy to maintain. For vertical areas (railings) you can use the same type of product or get longer lasting results with solid stains and paints.

+ Can you paint my deck floor?

Many people ask us if we can paint the deck floor and while we can do that, we strongly discourage it. Deck floors are constantly saturated with water. This causes severe movement which most paints and solid stains cannot tolerate, eventually causing them to peel. Once this happens, the maintenance of your deck floor becomes much more difficult and costly.

+ Which is better, oil or latex paint?

This depends on the siding and the look you are trying to achieve. For most homes, using a 100% acrylic (latex) paint will provide the longest lasting finish. 100% acrylics tolerate more movement in the wood and retain their color much longer than an oil based paint.

+ The paint can says "25 Year Warranty." Does that mean my paint job will last 25 years?

No. First of all, most paint manufacturers apply warranties to their products knowing that the average home owner relocates once every 7 years, which is why their warranties are typically non-transferable. Secondly, their warranties only include a refund or replacement of the paint, if it is found to be defective. They never include the cost of labor in their warranties. That said, paint warranties are really an easy way for you, the consumer, to measure the quality of their product. We only use a 25 year warranty product or better on our exteriors.

+ How do I pay you?

We do not ask for any money up front and would like you to be 100% satisfied before you pay. On some jobs that last more that 3-4 weeks, we may require a small deposit to cover materials. We accept cash and checks and for your convenience, we also accept Visa and Master Card. Paypal may also be an option.

+ Do you use your own employees or sub-contract your work?

We do not always have staff on hand but when we do, they are trusted, legal, back-ground checked colleagues that are hired as employees. We never hire sub-contractors to paint your home. We may, from time to time utilize sub-contractors to handle carpentry and other miscellaneous needs. Many of our competitors solely utilize sub-contractors to perform their work. This means the people who actually perform the work on your home are usually getting a small percentage of the money you are paying.

+ What kind of warranty do you offer on your exteriors?

We offer a 2 Year Product & Labor Warranty and our warranty is backed by our suppliers. This is one more level of confidence we provide our customers that most of our competitors can't.

+ Does your estimate include everything it will take to complete my home, from start to finish??

Our estimates include everything it will take to paint your home. No surprises. Some items or services (such as specialty products or carpentry) are discussed in advance and are outsourced to other professional in our trusted network.

+ Do you provide quotes over the phone or without seeing my home or project site?

I do not provide phone or drive-by estimates. It is very difficult to provide an accurate and fairly priced quote without seeing your home or project site simply because there are a number of factors that go into my pricing. I will do my very best to accommodate your schedule so that we can arrange for me to see your project before providing a reasonable and accurate estimate.